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Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing (MEP) coordination services integrate each team’s design to address any conflicts during the coordination review process. Design conflicts avoided or eliminated early in the project positively impact the overall project and greatly reduces project cost. Outlined below are 2 ways our coordination of detailing teams will save your projects a great deal of time and money.

1. Reduce project rework and material waste.

The first way to save money is to reduce the time and material spent correcting mistakes. Using BIM modeling, MEP drawing conflicts can be removed early decreasing the amount of project rework. Minimizing waste and improving project build efficiency.

2. Streamline the build process.

Using virtual project planning and 3D modeling to reduce delays in project completion and streamline the build process. Streamline with the use of weekly design review meetings to address conflicts early on to save both time and money.

We Care About the Details


Our company pays special attention to the details of every project to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client. Our goal is manage the each trade service as a partner and deliver detailed drawings and coordination services on behalf of each of our customers.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


Your satisfaction is our priority and we strive to provide a service we are proud of.  We start every project by providing a thorough consultation to understand your goals and the needs of the project. We do this to guarantee that the project is completed according to your preferences.  

The Knowledge to Partner

Mechanical Pipe Drawings



•3D piping drawings per project specifications and your requests

•Drawings created can be used for pre-fabrication and installation

•Accurate models of actual equipment and specialties created from submittals. 

•Drawings created to depict insulation, actual fittings and equipment connections

•Spooling of mechanical pipe available upon request. Please see spooling/fabrication section.

•Hanger Drawings

We Know BIM



Many firms are "aware of BIM" but don't have the know how or the resources to confidently commit to the BIM process. Others have the skills but struggle to keep up with the technology and the fluctuation of workload. We bring the skills & the personnel giving you the horsepower needed to take on your next project with full confidence. 

Our services include:

•MEP Modeling & Coordination for Construction

•BIM Coordination

•Fabrication Drawing

•2D to 3D Conversion

Management of Coordination



We are capable of executing all functions necessary in the coordination process, from working with other subcontractors to managing the entire coordination process. We specialize in organizing the coordination drawings with various trades to avoid interference with structural, ceilings, mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems, partitions etc. All coordination drawings are checked for collisions with collision checking software. We provide online or onsite lead coordination services.

•Above Ceiling Coordination

•Underground Coordination

•MEP Composite Drawings

•Complete Architectural and MEP BIM Services

•As-Built/Record Drawings

•Design/Assist Partnership

Full Project Management



We also understand the complexity and importance behind Quality Project Management which is why we have invested in the latest BIM drafting software by AutoDesk. Ok, BIM or Building Information Modeling what is it, and how can it benefit you the Mechanical Contractor? In a nut shell BIM software can aid you several different ways. 

•3D modeling for accurate above ceiling coordination

•4D Time sequencing for scheduling

•5D Data extraction for job costing and project management

Reduce project costs by 50-60% and improve the delivery schedule by 40-50%


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Services Offered

3D Mechanical and Plumbing Coordination Drawings:


 This service provides contractors with 3D Mechanical and Plumbing  system drawings for coordination to identify building interferences  and trade conflicts. The systems will be laid out based on  construction drawings, project specifications, and contractor  submittals.  

2D Mechanical and Plumbing Shop Drawings:


 Our 2D shop drawings are detailed Mechanical and Plumbing  Drawings that can be used for construction. These drawings are  created with dimensions, elevations, annotations, and penetration  locations. 

Mechanical and Plumbing MER Fabrication drawings:


 For our Mechanical Equipment Room fabrication service we will  create easy to follow tagged system drawings with complete  material lists and piping spool tables. These drawings can be used to  minimize field cutting and simplify installation.    

3D Equipment Connection Assemblies:


 Our 3D virtual equipment connection assembly detail will identify all  the components needed for equipment installation. These  Equipment Connection Assembles can be used for submittals and/or  assembly instructions.  

Mechanical and Plumbing Material/Installation  Estimating:


 Using manufacture material prices and industry standard man‐hour  data we will generate mechanical and plumbing costs based off of  project files. System cost will be broken up by material and labor.   

Thermal Movement Analyzes:


 Our team will provide detailed thermal analyze on piping systems  and deliver solution to take‐up pipe movement. These solutions will  be cost effective and help contractors meet project performance requirements.  

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